We respect the environment and do what is required for the sustainable development of our business. We are taking ambitious and concrete measures to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment and society by adopting proactive procedures based on best business practices and beyond, through innovation. Measuring our impact beyond our own operations.

The actions developed by the Hums brand aim to not only reduce and alleviate the brand’s environmental impact, but also to develop, within its spheres of activity, projects with a positive impact on populations and their surroundings.

In this respect, the Hums brand is committed to measuring the impact of its activities, not only in the areas where it operates directly, but beyond, throughout its various supply chains, back to the extraction of the raw materials needed to produce the goods and services offered by the brand.

Priorities for action Hums environmental policy puts special emphasis on:

  • the CO2 emissions and compensation;
  • the use of water;
  • the reduction of waste;
  • the gradual elimination of hazardous chemicals in production processes;
  • the responsible sourcing of raw materials

We encourage the sharing and implementation of best practices, considering them to be a positive feature of our management. These include: energy savings, lower processing and recycling costs, among others. We are introducing indicators to assess our actions in relation to our principal effects on the environment and to implement short- and medium term action plans.